About Us

Our company offers a diverse range of products, including electrical and electronic appliances, home appliances, and industrial appliances. Our primary goal is to provide customers with a broader selection of useful products at affordable prices. We deeply appreciate the support from our customers and are committed to deliver the best possible service to meet their needs. Our focus on customer satisfaction drives us to continuously expand our product range and ensure that our offerings cater to various preferences.

Our distribution network extends throughout Malaysia, encompassing urban centers, industrial hubs, and remote regions. We have built a robust supply chain and logistics chain to ensure efficient product distribution to retailers, resellers, and end-users, enabling timely availability and seamless delivery. Today, we consistently delivering cutting-edge products and emphasizing strong partnerships and customer-centric values. 

UF TECH CORPORATION has been serving the metro area since 2000. Founded by Mr Sia T.Lock with his electronic engineering students. UF TECH provides more reliable, safety and quality product to Malaysian with an affordable price. 

We strongly believe in the principle of providing everyone with good products at affordable prices. We understand that quality and affordability are crucial factors for businesses and consumers alike.

"Connecting Quality, Delivering Value"